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A self acquired property of my grand father who died leaving behind 4 daughters and 7 sons out of 7 sons 1 died before him.

Property & Real Estate

Son who died before my grand father has 4 childern who are not letting others in family to dispose the property. Can my father file an injunction suit against them? What can they do after my father files a suit? My grand father had never made any will.... Keep Reading.

What are the options available to ensure that the Will is not disputed?

Wills & Trust

I have to make a will in favor of my wife what are the important things which i should keep in mind so that there is no dispute in future.... Keep Reading.

Is there any exemption from paying alimony in divorce cases?

Family & Personal Laws

I want divorce from my wife as she is having an affair with her boyfriend, will i be exempted from paying any alimony in divorce as she is the one who is cheating on me?... Keep Reading.

Ex-Girlfriend is giving pressure to come back into a relationship , else she will file police complaint against me what are my legal rights?

I had a breakup with my girlfriend 5 months back, now she calls me frequently and force me to come back into relationship. I never had a physical relationship with her, she also tells me that she will commit sucide if i don't marry her. Can police arrest me in case she commits suicide. ?... Keep Reading.

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5 Fundraising Mistakes Made by Start-up Founders

While a lot of preparations are done at the fundraising stage, the founders are still prone to make mistakes. And these mistakes can often be fatal. Therefore when pitching before investors, some small things need to be kept in mind so that they can be avoided. 1. Overcomplicating the Fundraising Process Founders often try to get too fancy at the initial stages and try to use tricks that they think will aid them to raise money. In order to raise money, it is important to have an idea and an exec......


Alternative Investment Funds In India

What They Are: As the name suggests, anything that is an alternative to traditional sources of investment are characterized as alternative investment funds (AIFs). What is considered “alternative” to the traditional sources may differ from country to country. Traditional forms of investment are: Investments in stocks or bonds Investments in fixed deposits Investments in real estate The term alternative investment fund is defined in India by Section 2(1)(b) of the Securities and Exchange Board of......


Environmental Impact Assessment Process in India

The world is becoming more aware of climate change and its dangers. As a result, some changes have been made to laws across the world. These changes emerged because of the need to protect Earth from harmful consequences. For instance, global warming, ozone depletion, and deforestation. One way to do so is mandating environmental due diligence for companies. Companies must perform this before setting up any unit that might harm the environment. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the formal ......

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